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Would you like weed with that?

This was a first.

Did you know there are now doctors that prescribe medical marijuana? 

Did you know they have thousands of patients?

3 Minute Angels was used by such a Doctors’ practice to deliver massages (when their pharmacist delivered the prescriptions) to the staff at various medical facilities.

To be precise, we weren’t delivering massages to the patients. In many cases, the patients who were getting the prescribed medication may not have been eligible to get massages because they are ill. However, the staff at the facilities loved the massages and medical marijuana delivery.

Angels Make Your Business Memorable

3 Minute Angels uses the medium of touch to connect with people.

This is why the Doctor’s practice used 3 Minute Angels. They were building a memorable experience with the staff at the facilities where they do business.

Make A Connection

Most of our clients hire us to help them make a connection to their staff, audience, attendees, or business partners.

The massages from our Angels are good at getting “cut-through”.Associated with this a “high recall”.

Angels will make your Events, Launches, and Thank You’s more “memorable”.

To provide massages as a gift to your suppliers, distributors, and best customers, get in touch (pardon the pun)

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