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Energising Your Workplace

Since 2002, 3 Minute Angels have delivered over 5 Million corporate and workplace massage and positively transformed the energy of thousands of workplaces. Our Halo Massage will revitalise your staff and boost morale and motivation in your workplace!

How does it work?

  • Our Halo Massage targets the specific areas that hold tension, releaving stress and fatigue.
  • We help your employees feel better, be healthier and think more clearly throughout their whole day
  • With no bulky equipment or massage oils, we don’t even have to interupt your workflow, our massage can be done right at your desk
Corporate and Workplace Massage

Office Stress Report

Do you know how your staff are doing? With every Halo Massage, we also record each recipient’s mood data before and after their massage.

This is then made available to you in a highly graphic report, meaning you can keep your finger on the pulse of your office and directly see the impact you’ve made!

Give us a call 1300 662 022 or get in touch for an obligation free quote!

Give us a call 1300 662 022 or get in touch for an obligation free quote!

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