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Energise your attendees!

Tradeshow Conference Massage

Conference organisers, do you want your attendees to be energised, focused and engaged in your content? Of course you do…

Proven way to change the mood (person by person)!

3 Minute Angels at the Alcon Conference

3 Minute Angels and our trademark Halo Massage™ are the perfect way to boost attendee energy levels in your conference breaks.

Reinforcing Your Position

As well as energising your delegates, our Halo Massage™ will also improve the cut-through of your message. Providing attendees with 5-minutes of bliss to focus on the messages they’ve just heard allows them to be better absorbed. Plus the positive feelings from receiving a massage will be associated to your conference, topic and content.

3 Minute Angels at the Alcon Conference

Pricing & How To Book

As conferences are often either half-day or all-day events, we’ve created two special pricing packages as an alternative to our standard hourly rate of $99.00 per Angel.

Half-Day conference Rate – $440* per Angel

  • Morning Tea
  • Lunch Break & Afternoon Tea
  • 5 hours of your Angel(s) on-site
  • 4.5 hours of Halo Massage™

Full-Day conference Rate – $704* per Angel

  • Pre-Conference & Morning Tea
  • Lunch Break, Afternoon Tea & Post-Conference
  • 9 hours of your Angel(s) on-site
  • 8 hours of Halo Massage™

*All rates quoted are GST exclusive. Bookings are subject to 3 Minute Angels terms & conditions.

Interested in Halo Massages™ throughout the entire day? Our Event Services may be better suited to your needs. Visit our Event Massage Services page.

For more information, a quote, or to book, call 1300 662 022. Alternatively chat to us via Live Chat or to get in touch by email click here.

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