Our COVIDSafe Plan

The health and safety of our Angels and Clients is our number one priority, so the following guidelines will be followed when we are out on shift. States have different restrictions at present for massage. Please see the table below for your reference and further COVIDSafe measures below.


State Date Massage is Allowed Restrictions  Source
NSW Any 1 recipient per 2 square metres of space NSW Source Link
VIC Any Varies depending on location VIC Source Link
QLD Any  1 recipient per 2 square metres, up to 50 people max QLD Source Link
WA Any At least 2 metres distance between recipients WA Source Link
SA Any 1 recipient per 2 square metres SA Source Link
ACT Any 1 recipient per 2 square metre rule for up to 100 people max ACT Source Link
TAS Any 1 recipient per 2 square metres rule up to 250 people (indoor) and 500 people (outdoor) TAS Source Link


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What Angels Will Do

24 Pre-shift Health Check – All Angels are required to report their health condition 24 hours prior to the shift. This is to ensure that none of our Angels are at risk of being sick or carrying the illness.  Some questions the Angel need to answer are:

  •  Have you, or anyone in your family, been in contact with a person that has tested positive for COVID-19?
  • Have you, or anyone in your family, been in contact with a person that is in the process of being tested for COVID-19?
  • Are you having trouble breathing, have a dry cough or have flu-like symptoms?

If the answer is Yes to any of these questions, the Angel will not be allowed to do the massage shift and will be replaced by another Angel more fit to work.

Wear face masks during the shift – All Angels will wear face masks while on shifts.

Sanitise in between recipients – All Angels are required to bring hand sanitisers/rubbing alcohol and sanitise their hands, iPads & massage equipment (if any) between massages. They must also wash hands before and after shift, as well as during shift where possible.

Comply with government safety guidelines – All Angels will comply with safety guidelines such as physical distancing of at least of 1.5 metres and limit on the number of clients to massage or maximum density rules, among others.

Download and Install CovidSafe App – All Angels must download, install and use the CovidSafe App.

What Clients Need To Do

Covidsafe plan or protocols – All clients will need to provide information on the existing Covidsafe plan or protocols on site. This is for us to take into consideration your company protocols in place when organising the Angel’s visit.

Fill out the booking sheet – All Key Contacts will be supplied a Contact Sheet to fill out 3 Minute Angels booking sheets to schedule massage time of each staff prior to the shift. Key contact should indicate the staff’s full name and contact details. This document will be used only if there is a need to do contact tracing and will be stored confidentially and securely. 

Set up a massage area –  All clients need to set up a massage area where staff will come in one at a time for the massages. 

Coordinate with Angels – All clients should coordinate and work with the Angel to ensure a safe visit. 

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