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Wattle Street Ventures Pty Ltd trading as 3 Minute Angels as the “Company” agrees to provide the “Services” (Massage, Virtual and Marketing) to the “Customer or Client” according to our Pricing Schedule included on the Customer Invoice.

The Company agrees to provide Massage, Virtual and Marketing Services on behalf of the Customer to Recipients.

The Company accepts all reasonable liability in relation to the provision of the Services and indemnifies the Customer from liability related to the provision of the Services to the Recipients.

The Company has appropriate Insurance Coverage and in-house Systems and Procedures to deliver a high quality Service. If service quality is challenged by the Customer, then the Company has Guarantees in place (please see this page on our website for more detail).

Please note: We have separate Terms and Conditions for Halo Massages and Virtual Services. Please read through carefully.


Capability Statement

In the interest of our Clients, Partners and Angels, we have created a Statement of Capability that clearly explains our Services, deliverables and expectations. That statement can be read or downloaded via this link.


Complaints Procedure

Have a complaint or had a negative Halo experience? Please contact our CEO and Founder directly by clicking here.



Halo Massage Services

  • We require a minimum of 7-days* notice to guarantee availability of required Angels.
  • We have a minimum booking time of 2-hours per booking, per visit, per Angel, for our Halo Massage bookings that are within a 45 minute radius by public transport from each central station of each capital city in each state. Outside this zone all bookings must be 3-hours minimum and Travel charges will be applied.
  • Bookings with 5 or more Angels, and bookings with multi dates and multi states may attract a Management Fee at the discretion of Management to assist in the additional co-ordination of your booking and the booking of staff. Discretionary discounts may also apply for these bookings.
  • Bookings which start or finish on or between 8:00 pm and 8:00 am** will incur an Early/Late Night Booking Fee of $42 +GST  per Angel.
  • Bookings on Weekends will attract a Weekend loading.


Virtual Services

  • We require a minimum of 1 day notice to book the online services.
  • Our minimum booking  requirement is 2 hours per booking for all Virtual Halo sessions; while 3 hours for Angels Guide 2 Massage bookings.
  • Bookings are accepted between 9:00 am to 8:00 pm**. Bookings outside these hours will incur a 20% surcharge on total booking cost.


*At the discretion of management, a booking may be accepted within 7-days of required shift date and an additional Late Booking Fee of 20% may be charged.

**Based on Australian time.



For Halo Massage bookings, the Angel will not bring any chair on location. We advise that you prepare a regular height chair, preferably a low-back chair, a stool or seat with easy access to recipient’s upper-back, neck and shoulders. High-back chairs with arm rests and wheels are not suitable for the recipient of the massages.

3 Minute Angels cannot be held responsible for any liabilities resulting from the use of any chair we have not provided.

It is you, the Customer, who needs to provide safe chairs. If a chair collapses prior to the massage commencing or is the cause of injury to the Recipient by collapsing or breaking whilst we are massaging, then you the Customer, is responsible. You as the Customer must check the safety of the chair prior to the massage.

Chairs or Stools can be hired from 3 Minute Angels at a separate charge if you do not think you can provide appropriate seating.

Please note: 3 Minute Angels does not use Remedial Massage Chairs in our bookings, unless specifically mentioned at the time of booking and an additional hire fee will be charged for these.

Please contact your Account Manager if you have any queries.


Online Access

Virtual Service sessions will be held via Zoom. Meeting ID will be shared to the Client upon confirmation of payment.

To download Zoom, please click here.


Confirmation and Payment

For Halo Massage bookings, confirmation and payment are required at least 7-days before the scheduled massage date.

For Virtual Services, we require at least 1 day to secure and pay for the online session.

A payment arrangement must be made if payment cannot be completed within the given period. We reserve the right to cancel bookings if no attempt to complete payment has been made prior to the massage booking date.


Payment Terms

3 Minute Angels’ Terms of Payment are as follows:

1. Booking confirmation and payment must be made in accordance to above schedule, depending on the service that you booked to guarantee the availability of the Angels.

2. Our preferred method of payment is by Credit Card using our Internet Payment Gateway (IPG). We also accept EFT payments.

3. All transactions are processed in Australian dollars.


For Halo Massage bookings:

  • The Company reserves the right to charge travel outside of Metro Areas of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart and Darwin.
  • Date and time changes must be communicated to the Account Manager 3 days prior to the booking date, otherwise, charges will be subjected to cancellation fees (see Cancellation Terms and Conditions).
  • Time extensions are subject to regular hourly rate of $99 per Angel exclusive of GST. The Account Manager will confirm the added charges to the client before allowing the Angels to proceed.
  • Half and Full Day rates are subject to Price-Match Guarantee and 110% Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • Angels must be given:
    • on Half Day rate, 1 x 30 minute break or 2 x 15-minute breaks;
    • and on Full Day rate, 2 x 30-minute breaks OR 1 x 1-hour break.

For Virtual Services:

  • Date and time changes must be advised at least 12 hours before the scheduled session. (See Cancellation terms below)
  • Time extensions for Virtual Halo is for a minimum of 15 minutes for $22 +GST; and minimum of 30 minutes for Angels Guide 2 Massage. To track the session time, the Angel will be keeping a timer and will advise the Recipient before proceeding with the time extension.



For Halo Massage bookings, we require 2 days (48 hours) notice of cancellation; otherwise a 50% Cancellation Fee will be charged. If you cancel within 24 hours, including on-site cancellation, 100% Cancellation Fee will be charged. For any on-site cancellation, 100% will be charged. Before and including part way through the shift that has been worked, the shift is forfeited. An on-site cancellation by our definition is deemed when an Angel has arrived at the site of your booking.

For Virtual Services, we need at least 24 hours to notify cancellation to avoid the Cancellation Fee. If the cancellation is communicated within 12 – 24 hours prior to the online session, a 50% Cancellation Fee will be charged. Your payment will be fully forfeited if the cancellation is done within 12 hours prior to the session.

All due effort will be made to accommodate a Change of Date request which will incur no charge provided that enough notice is made in accordance to the Cancellation and Payment Terms sections. A ‘change of date’ will be treated as a new booking and is subject to standard notice requirements.


Refund Policy

If you are unsatisfied with the Product, Activity or Service that was purchased, you will be entitled to a refund in full plus 10% of the value of the purchase.

We require written notification (by email, or post) of your desire to enact this guarantee within 48-hours of delivery of the Product, Activity or Service. You will be contacted by a 3 Minute Angels representative to discuss your experience.

Once approved by the Company, the refund will be processed after 30 days via the initial mode of payment made by the Client.


Service Charges

The Halo Massage’s hourly rate, as quoted on the booking form, is for up to 8 x people being massaged per Angel hour work. Angels will make every effort to massage the numbers of staff quoted in the required time period and where possible, any additional people on the day.

This is the same for Virtual Halo Massages where an Angel will try his best to complete 4 x online sessions per hour spending at least 15 minutes per person.

However, 3 Minute Angels cannot be held responsible for fewer massages/sessions completed due to the recipients not being ready during the scheduled time or Angels having to travel between offices/floors/buildings etc. As a guide, our Angels can give the following quantity of massages per hour based on the massage type chosen:

  • Regular Halo (5-Minute Massage) x 8 per hour
  • Double Halo (10-Minute Massage) x 5 per hour
  • Stress Buster (15-Minute Massage) x 7 in a two hour period (minimum booking)


Time Extensions

Where the need/desire arises for Angels to continue beyond the booked time and the Angels are available to do so, they can seek authorisation from 3 Minute Angels management and proceed if authorisation granted. The minimum time extension for Halo Massages is 30 minutes; 15 minutes for Virtual Halo session; and 30 minutes for Angels Guide 2 Massage.

Time extensions will be invoiced separately and require payment within 7-days of invoice being issued or may be subject to late payment fees.



You must indicate on the booking form if and how authority is to be granted for Angels to carry on over the booked time, Options are:

  • CR (at Clients Request) – The Key Contact must authorise Angels to continue
  • 3 Minute Angels – Angels must check with 3 Minute Angels Management before proceeding
  • NA – Not Available

Where authorised time extensions have been worked, 3 Minute Angels will resend an amended invoice to account for the extra time. If payment has already been processed we will issue an additional invoice for the extra time worked.


Travel Time

For Halo Massage services, if the journey from the CBD Central Station / Town Hall Station to the proposed massage location is likely to exceed 45-minutes (one-way via public transport), a Travel Fee of $42 will be added to your quote, and each hour there after, per hour per Angel. Travel time is calculated using the published public transport schedules made available from the following sites:

We will always do our best to have a clear reference for Travel Fees. Our main interest is to make sure our Angels travel time and costs incurred are covered to reach you for the correct time of your booking.

Since our Angels are not required to carry Massage Tables, Massage Chairs, Towels, Oils or any other equipment to deliver our Halo Massage Products we strongly advise our Angels to travel to bookings within the 45 minute radius of the central CBD on public transport for each city in each state.

If such equipment is required please discuss this with your Account Manager and only then will car transport and parking be advised and billed accordingly to compensate the Angel working the shift. Please note: Additional rates and Hire fees will be incurred for such equipment.

If outside the 45 minute radius zone, then transport and parking will be discussed with you at the time and billed accordingly.

*Please Note: For any Airport location bookings an additional surcharge will be applied to cover higher travel costs to these locations in each city.



NSW Occupational Health and Safety requires that Angels have their required breaks for work completed to deliver the Halo Massages only. Our Angels are aware of this and we would ask that all clients please adhere to this requirement.

  • Angels must be given:
    • on a Half Day Booking – 5 Hours on site – 1 x 30 minute break or 2 x 15-minute breaks;
    • and on a Full Day Booking – 9 Hours on site –  2 x 30-minute breaks OR 1 x 1-hour break.



We will make all efforts to be punctual both with our start and finish times. We request the same of our clients.

We understand the workings of the modern corporate office, working from home or other set up and that not all appointments may run precisely to time. If individuals are unavailable to be massaged within the booked time our Angels will seek direction from the Key Contact and/or offer their massage to other members of staff.


Angel Uniform

Angels will always attend a shift dressed in 3 Minute Angels uniform unless otherwise pre-arranged. An Angels’ uniform consists of black footwear, black long pants, and a plain black t-shirt or more commonly, a 3 Minute Angels branded black t-shirt. Exceptions may be made where wearing long pants is not suitable or practical.

3 Minute Angels are happy to allow Angels to wear client branded wear if pre-arranged especially on events and product launches. Should Clients wish to provide Angels with a custom uniform, outfit, costume, or any clothing that is non 3 Minute Angel branded, this must be pre-arranged with their Account Manager. 3 Minute Angels welcome Client branded wear, provided details are agreed prior to booking and such wear is deemed appropriate. In all cases where Angels or 3 Minute Angels Management deem Client branded wear inappropriate or unsuitable, Angels will be advised to wear the standard 3 Minute Angels uniform as described above.


Angel Safety

3 Minute Angels reserves the right to refuse a booking or terminate an on-going online session or service if there is a possible threat to our Angel’s safety and morale. This includes working in an unsecured environment such as events or private parties that explicitly shows use of drugs or sexual acts.

We do not accept Bucks party bookings, except in special cases, and will only be allowed if a male Angel will be paid to accompany female Angel(s) on the duration of the shift.



3 Minute Angels will be treating all collected Client information data, photos or videos – name, contact details, credit card and online IDs with utmost confidentiality and will not be used for marketing or commercial purposes unless the Client has agreed for us to do so.

The Company and the Client mutually agrees to treat the files, recordings or other similar materials as Confidential Information.

The prepared or received documents during the Angels Guide 2 Massage session will remain as absolute Intellectual Property of the Company and cannot be published or reproduced by the Client in any media.


Non-Commercial Use

It is by virtue that the Client who booked the Virtual Halo and/or Angel’s Guide 2 Massage products will not use the information generated and learned from the online sessions for Commercial Purposes. As mentioned on the Confidentiality section, materials and information gathered by booking the Virtual Products will remain as the Company’s Intellectual Properties and should be treated as Confidential.