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NOTICE: Due to COVID19 regulations and social distancing, 3 Minute Angels are currently not delivering our Trademark Halo Massages. We are however looking at new ways that we can deliver relaxing, stress relieving virtual options for our clients.

If you feel that you and your colleagues would be interested in getting involved in our initial roll out, please call us on 1300 662 022.

Stay tuned and stay well everyone!

We hope to return soon to deliver great massages to relax your staff or invigorate your next event.

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About Us

3 Minute Angels was founded in 2002. Offering massage services for the workplace, corporate events, trade shows, conferences and private events.

Corporate Massage has become one of the most popular ways to say thank you to staff or guests. Use massage to celebrate the launch of products, birthdays, weddings and hens nights!

– Innovators in massage and corporate wellness since 2002 –



Our Work Services

3 Minute Angels is the leading Corporate & Event Massage provider in Australia. Across Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane & Perth. Energise, relax & reward your staff or guests at your next event.

Corporate and Workplace Massage

Corporate and Workplace Massage

Event and Promo Massage

Event and Promo Massage

Tradeshow and Conference Massage

Tradeshow and Conference Massage


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