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Question: How do you deal with Work-From-Home Stress?

Answer: The Virtual Halo

The Problem We Solve: There’s no one for work-from-home staff to speak with who just wants to make them feel better until things get REALLY BAD.  We want to stop things ever getting to that point by facilitating a mood-shift in profound and genuine ways.

Think about this

3 Minute Angels has purpose-built millions of interactions with people that made them feel better.  Historically, we had massage as a medium to deliver these interactions, but during COVID-19 and the transition to work-from-home, we expanded our thinking and invite you to do the same.

There are significant stress issues associated with work-from-home in addition to work-stress and financial hardship.

Employers are going to experience this in low and lost productivity right when they can least afford it.

The current solutions including calling organisational psychologists are expensive and expansive.  When probably, most people can experience an immediate and tangible mood lift via our Virtual Halo interactions.

How Can We Change Moods So Quickly?

There’s a method to each interaction:

  • It starts with asking “How do you feel?”
  • There’s breathing exercises that resolve the stress response and allow the person to be present;
  • Very specific questions are asked around gratitude and giving;
  • Some exercises are done that build resilience;
  • There’s movement;
  • It concludes with asking “How do you feel now?”

The best thing of all,  it works!  People change their mood within 10 minutes and this makes them happier and more productive.


  • The Virtual Halos are provided at $80/hr +GST (10% less than the Halo Massage).
  • An Angel will provide up to 4 x interactions per hour;
  • Exact sessions per hour may vary depending on unforeseen technology issues and / or changes due to individual sessions going over time (if an individual requires some extra TLC);
  • In the event that you’re unhappy with the quality or volume of service, please take advantage of our guarantees.

All bookings are subject to Terms and Conditions, as well as guarantees.

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