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Gifting Angels

Once you have felt divine at the hands of our Angels, it follows that you’d want others to feel that way.  That is why many organisations buy the Angels for other organisations as a ‘Thank You’.

One of the most popular Corporate Gifts in 2018 is sending in 3 Minute Angels to your clients, channels and suppliers.

Avoid Boring Gifts

Corporate Gifting can be sterile and boring.  You want to avoid boring.

It may be tempting when you have excess merchandise to gift this.  But don’t.  Someone who doesn’t work for you doesn’t want to wear your short, cap or use your branded pen.

Food as gifts may be a maybe. These days, every other person is vegetarian, vegan, gluten free or has a dietary requirement.

Sports tickets, alcohol or other gifts can be a hit-and-miss too.  There’s so many cultural sensitivities to consider.

Once you’ve removed everything that’s illegal, immoral or fattening giving gifts is not conventionally exciting.

That Grateful Feeling

After a massage that feels divine, the recipient feels great.  They feel “thank – full” for the experience.  You can see this for yourself here, here and here.

This is how they feel when you give the gift of massage.


Get Angels For You

Give Angels To Someone Else