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3 Minute Angels for Marketing and Promotions

Some of the key reasons why we are chosen by clients to do marketing and promotions include:

  1. Cut-through
  2. Sensory involvement
  3. Professionalism
  4. Guarantees
  5. Versatlity


People are bombarded by messages and ignore most of them.  Something like massage, which actually makes people feel something – in fact feel divine – really gets “cut through”.  So massage represents a great “medium” for marketers to use when marketing.

Sensory Involvement

Involving the senses – like touch – is a key way to involve customers with brands.  This is why companies like Versace, that primarily sell clothes also apply aromatic oils on their clothes, or why General Pants Co used to make their shops smell like cookies.  Just like the sense of smell, the sense of touch can figuratively and tangibly add value to customer’s experience of a brand.



At 3 Minute Angels, we take people with personality, presentation skills and the ability to learn and then teach them how to do our Halo Massage technique.  We don’t take massage professionals and then try and force these people into having the right sort of personality, professionalism and presentation skills that we need in order to do events, marketing and promotional activities.  This subtle difference leads to big differences for brands that want to deploy massage as a marketing medium instead of using massage as a health medium.



Our Angels all provide the Halo Massage and only provide the Halo Massage.  This simple technique addresses the stress-holding areas in the neck, back and shoulders and when this is done, it guarantees a great feeling for whoever receives the massage.  This argument isn’t just something we say.  It is something we back up with our 110% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Our 110% Satisfaction Guarantee not only covers the fact our massages will make your audience feel great, but it also applies to having all the Angels turn up on time and ready to work for our clients’ exact needs and standards.


If a client needs massages conducted across Australia, 3 Minute Angels can do that. 

If a client needs massages conducted in branded uniforms, our well-presented Angels can do that.

If a client needs a sales script integrated into the interactions, then articulate and savvy Angels do that all day every day.

If a client wants handout materials included, market research conducted or business cards swapped with clients in order to trigger the massage as a ‘reward’, then you need to get in touch.