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First things first.  Last week, our regular communication got a bit preachy, political and upset about the sexist budget. This week, we are back to our normal upbeat, enthusiastic and Angelic selves.

In fact, this email is just a friendly reminder that we work after hours and on weekends.


Flexible Work Hours

3 Minute Angels have always been willing to operate after hours and on weekends.  It probably comes from our origin.  We started our business offering massages in bars and clubs back in 2002.  This often required work on weekends and into the evenings.

Digital and Physical Products

Our “open all hours” policy applies to both digital and physical products.

 These include:

Nationally Available

We have COVIDsafe plans that enable us to work in every State and Territory in Australia consistent with current guidelines.

The ability to provide massages concurrently across Australia is one of the unique capacities of 3 Minute Angels.

We *Angel* across multiple locations for promotions, events and Corporations wanting to roll out a message with the massage.


If you need us