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I am, You are, We are Australian

Australia Day is here.

You might be feeling pride that Vegemite is now back in Australian hands.

You might be reassured that our society can produce for every Pauline Hanson a Waleed Aly.

You might not have the love of a bygone era for the national teams’ recent efforts in hockey, rugby or tennis…

Backyard cricket

but that won’t dim your enthusiasm for post-BBQ backyard cricket or – if you’re lucky enough to have a pool – a diving (bombing and belly-flopping) competition.

Your household is probably listening to the Triple J Hottest 100 right now – as it’s the only time of the year you catch-up on what’s cool in music.

If any of these things ring true for you, then, Happy Australia Day!

Our Secret Export Success

Some of you will not be aware that we at 3 Minute Angels – An Australian company – were actually pioneers of short-format massage 15-years ago.

We started all the way back in 2002 when massage therapists were called “masseuses” and never Angels.

Whilst no one locally has been able to copy our success – where are the “massage monks” these days? – plenty overseas have had a crack.

We thought we’d take an opportunity on Australia Day to show you (our readers) what our little company has inspired across the world.

There is Ibiza Angels – these guys used similar pay what you think its worth pricing in bars and clubs to establish.  We’ve met their CEO and Founder, Joe and we like them.

Ibiza Angels logo

There is 5-Minute Angels – these guys didn’t even try to hide their rip-off.  We’ve never met them, but they seem to be UK-based.

5minuteangels- Logo

There is Angel Massage based in Thailand that snaffled the .com address and offers some similar products i.e. short massages but offers some extras we just won’t do.

Angel Massage

Or these places…

AM3 MA2 MA 1

Imitation Is The Compliment

In Australia, we know that when we do something good, the rest of the world will knock it off.  We almost take pride in the fact they do.

For instance, as “Aussies” we’re glad that people made Cochlear ear-plants popular because now we have more people with hearing.

Aussies are glad that our Solar Scientists are fueling the China Green Tech revolution because that may save our planet.

And right now, we’re glad that people are stealing our ideas on relaxation – perhaps that will make the world a little more Aussie, True Blue, Fair Dinkum and Divine,

Whatever you’re up to this Australia Day, we hope you’re having fun.

And if you want to bring a little bit of Aussie Relaxation into your workplace or event then Get In Touch (pardon the pun) 1300 662 022.