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The Future is Female but the Present is REALLY not

It is not International Women’s Day and yet we are still sending this message.


The recovery budget is completely sexist.

Our Angels are mostly female and they are being economically discriminated against.

They work in an industry invisible to the all-male budget and stimulus creators.

Angels are Mostly Female

Our Angels have tended to be women.  Not exclusively, of course, but definitely the majority.

Our Angels also have had no work in order to comply with social distancing measures.

The budget stimulus and recovery plans could have been set up with industries like ours getting some portion of reward, instead it goes to construction, utilities and manufacturing which translates into jobs for the boys.

The Future is Female

With baby boomer men dying out before their wives, a vast amount of wealth is in transition to female hands.

Women already make up 80% of the decision on household budgets.

Females perform better at school, start businesses more actively and out-perform as investments compared with their male-only counterparts.

They also lead the way in technology as this Top 50 women in IT article shows.

Heck, 3 Minute Angels wouldn’t be here without our Director and IT guru, Satya Morrison.

The future is female.  So wouldn’t it be nice to put some of the recovery and stimulus package into their hands instead of giving jobs to the boys in manufacturing, utilities and construction?

The Female-led Economic Recovery