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Health Insights

It’s a quirk of being an Angel that people really open up to us when we are massaging them.  The act of laying hands on another person opens up a new level of person-to-person communication.  In fact, when we massage people they tell us things they wouldn’t tell their closest friends.

At 3 Minute Angels, we kept hearing that people were being overall negative.  Not about workplace (although there was that too) but about the ‘world in general’.

So we made September about sharing the good things.  We have looked at Good Things in the areas of Economics, Climate and Humanity.    Now we turn to Health.

Health At Work

Aside from obviously getting 3 Minute Angels in for massages at work, we have been so impressed by the change in workplace cultures around health.

  • Healthy vending machines and fruit boxes are present in almost every good work environment now.
  • Ergonomics is changing.  We are now seeing increased awareness of the need for movement at work.  Standup desks have gone from the fringe to must-have.
  • Design of the workplace has introduced colour, light, fresh air and inspiring environments.


Health As A Facilitator of Bonding

Health has become a motivator and facilitator of team bonding.  The benefit of bonding over health instead of beers is coming of age.  What we have seen:

  • Inspired by Biggest Loser type TV shows. Losing weight as a team is a really big thing.
  • Entering the team in a shared physical challenge.  Everything from the City 2 Surf, the Oxfam 100km trail-walk and Corporate Triathlon Series are all growing.
  • With the emergence of wearables like Fitbit and AppleWatch, we have observed teams comparing footsteps, run times and even recovery times.

City 2 surf

Mental Health

It’s all to easy to think only of physical health and not include mental health.  However, initiatives like R U OK? Day are bringing awareness to the problems associated with poor mental health.

R U OK? Day has created meaningful dialogue for some.  It has undoubtedly saved lives for others and is embraced almost universally across Australia.

The stigma once associated with mental health issues is all but gone.  That doesn’t mean stress is gone.  But it does mean people are caring and acting in a way that can make stress less overwhelming.


Celebrate Good Health

If you are keen to celebrate your health or the improved health of your workplace then Get In Touch (pardon the pun) with 3 Minute Angels and make your next appointment with health that feels great.  1300 662 022