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Good Things

When most of the news is focused on negatives, like Trump and some other numpty about to start nuking each other, the economy about to implode, devastating wars, refugees and climate change…  it is hard to be aware there are some good things happening too.

This month we are going to write a weekly series on Good Things.

The intention is not to sugar coat truly sad stuff.

It is about also bringing awareness to happy things, awe-inspiring things, hopeful things.  Because without this awareness you might wrongly conclude there’s nothing good going on.

Some Good Things

hello springWe will look each week at these topics and expose some good things about:

  • Economy
  • Climate
  • Humanity
  • Health

Oh and it’s now Spring – and that’s a good thing!

Good Things  – The New Economy

Just last week, the New Economy Conference was held in Brisbane.  Some highlights included:


You can pledge to its reward crowdfunding campaign here.

Doughnut Economics

Simply this means making sure our economy lives within the zone of what everyone needs and what the planet can afford and makes a compelling case for how to do this.  Below is the TEDx video. It is 20-minutes long but fascinating.

Next Week Some More Good Things

We will bring you some more “good things” next week on the Climate.

In the meantime, if you want to bring some “Good Things” into the office environment, how about some Angels?  If that sounds like a positive thing to do Get In Touch (pardon the pun) on 1300 662 022