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Something Good September Vol 3.

This month we want to celebrate that things are actually pretty good.

We know it is all too easy to fall into the false prophecy of doom and gloom.  We’ve already argued that in regards to Economics and Climate, there are Good Things.  And so it is with our 3rd week in this series.


You need reminding of the joys, progresses and humanity we already have.  Don’t lose sight of just how good it is to be alive right now.

Alright Alright Alright

Let’s look at ‘3 Good Things’ that will restore your faith in humanity:

  • SDG’s
  • Talent
  • Peace (nearly)

The World Is Getting Better


Peace (nearly)

Feel Good

To feel good things you don’t have to get massage.  That’s not the message of this newsletter.  The message is that life is pretty great.  And if you have a workplace that gets massages, then life is even better.

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