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Some more Good Things in September

It’s pretty damned scary thinking about the climate.  The current US storms seem to be saying Climate Change is real and not some left wing hoax…

Trump Climate

But did you know the world is mobilising to do good things in the climate.

Climate Hope

The Economics of Climate are changing.  So much so that the Economist wrote up how things are on their head – read here.

Governments Are Changing

Government policy can’t lead, it must follow and so it is that Climate Change will be the “politics of tomorrow” with every passing day.


Communities Are Leading

Real hope therefore is with the “people”.  That is: you, me and our friends.


In cities around the world the ‘mayors’ have stepped up where Nation-states are lagging.  For example:


Transition Towns, which are towns-cities that are actively and pre-emptively becoming energy independent along with ‘transitioning’ to better food, social and economic solutions.

Transition Towns

At it’s heart its about ‘Us’

We have the ability and power when we become a team.  Then from a team we become a movement and from there an economic force, voting block or other institution-ready force for good.

That’s no easy task, but it is being done.  And that is a Good Thing.

Enjoy a Good Thing at Work

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