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Weekly Massages

You already know that massages instantly transform the mood of the recipient.

Our previous Blogs and Key Contact Report – produced for every client – shows the impact of the Angels.

Just as a massage transforms you personally, corporate massage (where all the office staff get massages) transforms the entire energy, productivity and the culture of a business.

The problem is it wears off.  (How long does that take? Read this)Weekly MassageIn order to maintain the energy, productivity and feeling of togetherness that follows an Angel visit, you have to apply it more than once.  It’s like that joke about taking a bath regularly whether you need it or not…

Teamwork is not an event.  You get teamwork by consistent application of the things that make the team work.  Massage is one of those things.

Here are some more reasons why you should get Weekly massages:

  1. It becomes something to look forward to – “Massage Monday” or “Feel Good Friday”;
  2. It’s cheaper with increased frequency.  Check out our pricing here and why we do it this way here;
  3. It works to instantly de-stress and energise you and your work mates;
  4. When you go regular you get to choose your own preferred Angel;
  5. As a manager, you can use weekly Key Contact Reports to find out how staff really feel and take appropriate action.  When they tell you they’re “fine” and they tell us they’re consistently “Very Stressed” you can take action;
  6. Massage wears off and so its common sense to re-apply;
  7. Massage like gym memberships and other benefits may (after a year or so) stop working as effectively after a while.  If this becomes your problem.  You can stop ordering weekly massage without having to worry about sunk costs;
  8. Weekly clients get access to a heap more give-away and bonuses that we get than 1-off clients.

If any of these reasons has inspired you to go Weekly with your Massages then Get In Touch (pardon the pun) on 1300 662 022.

PS.  If you’re go weekly from the 14th – 28th February 2017, then you’ll also receive a full body, 1-hr. mobile massage gift certificate. Keep it yourself or use it as the perfect Employee of The Month prize.