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How long after a massage does it take for the benefits to rub off?

The benefits of massage are almost instant.

Once an Angel puts hands on the recipient, the recipients brain chemicals are flooded with hormones, oxytocin, and other “feel good” endorphins.

The pulse slows, oxygenation increases and the state of relaxation starts to replace the state of stress in the body. Many people describe this physical feeling as “Divine”.

After Massage Mood

This instant improvement doesn’t wear off at the same rate. In fact the immediate physical benefits of massage will stay around for a couple of days and the mental affects will stay around for up to 36 hours.

Internally we refer to this lingering benefit as the “Halo Effect” of the massage from an Angel.

Massage, like eating, bathing, exercise or sleeping-well is recommended regularly in order to maintain good health. Good health comes from ongoing inputs not one-off events.

The memory and impact on company culture of massage can last a lot longer.

There are plenty of stories shared by Angels of recipients (after just a 5-minute massage) turning around and saying things like, “That was the best thing that happened all week” – and they mean it.

If companies like Google, Atlassian and Apple are getting massage in their offices, it’s not because they are rich enough to buy frivolous perks (I’m sure they do occasionally do this) – it’s because they actually value the benefits of massage and recognise these last longer than the time and economic cost of providing them to staff.

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If you’d like to see the science behind this post check out this report by professor Marc Cohen from RMIT Massage Efficacy Research .