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What is the Halo Report?

The Halo Report takes a measure of your staff’s mood before and after the massage to give you an overview of your staff morale

Angels ask ‘how do you feel’ before each massage. The response is recorded on a “mood-scale” within their iPad-based digital worksheet.At the end of the massage we ask ‘how do you feel’ again.

The Halo Effect is the difference in the mood before and after a massage.

Reporting how well our Angels do at shifting your mood is what sets our company apart from other suppliers. 3 Minute Angels is the only massage provider that asks these questions. Therefore we are the only ones capable of reporting how well we did at elevating your mood.

How you feel prior to a massage is a personal thing, but if a whole team is reporting being ‘Very Stressed’ then it’s a bigger problem that management should be aware of. This sort of data is very often overlooked. When we bring this information to light for managers they have the tangible proof they need to address morale in their organization.

It is very difficult to measure the effect of a “pub lunch” or Red Balloon Day experience on morale, but booking Angels allows the person booking to see exactly the change in mood that each person experienced in just 5-minutes.

Angels often see recipients go from “Very Stressed” to “Divine” on the mood-scale and this enables them to feel good about what they do instead of “thinking” they did a good job – they can “know” they did a good job.

The Halo Report is an important distinctive characteristic of 3 Minute Angels. We’re pleased to provide it as part of the whole experience that our customers and Angels enjoy.