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The Transformative Affect Of Massage

The Halo Effect is a scale we use at 3 Minute Angels to determine the affect of the massage on your mood.

MostScreen Shot 2016-03-08 at 10.50.03 AM people report their pre-massage mood as below ‘OK’.  In just 5-minutes that same person will report their mood as ‘Good’, ‘Very Good’ and sometimes even ‘Divine’.

What this shows is that massage is effective at changing a persons mood in just a few minutes.

The mood of person is important to individual productivity.  The mood of an entire office becomes its culture and importantly effects performance of the business.

A culture that is dominated by individuals self assessing their mood as ‘Very Stressed’ or ‘Stressed’ is unlikely to be high performing.

To out-perform a business needs a culture where the individuals self assess as ‘Very Happy’.  Massage can get people to this point.  This is what 3 Minute Angels specialises in.  It is what we treat as most important.

If you wondering what this transformative affect looks like in action.  Here are just a few client photos turned into videos that illustrate the point.