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Giving this Christmas

This Christmas there’s many things to choose from when gifting for your team, your family and your loved ones.  Massage however, can be the gift for all these people.

Why Choose Massage:

  1. Because it feels good (Divine),
  2. It is non fattening,
  3. Not alcoholic or bad for your health in any way,
  4. Cost effective.
working during xmas give employees a gift of massage

Your Team

Your team have had a hard year and it’s time to reward them. Perhaps the best thing you can do is let them feel good again. Let them feel the stress melt away as they get a 5 – 15-minute massage as a present.

Your Family and Loved Ones

You could give massages to your family. We can arrange for you and your loved ones to learn massage and massage each other or we can provide you with gift certificates for short and long-format massages.

hiring new angels

Touched this Christmas

In a year where we have been deliberately physically out of contact, how incredible will physical contact make you feel? How amazing will a massage be? Get touched this Christmas for a special feeling.

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