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Are you and your Fellow “House Prisoners” Stressed?

It is common for lockdown to cause stress.

You may be balancing work-from-home, homeschooling and more.

You may find yourself wanting to shout and get mad.

However, there’s another way.  When you are feeling stressed, giving a massage can be just as effective for reducing stress as getting a massage.

You can’t Give What you Don’t Have

Getting a massage always feels good.  But did you know, giving a massage can also de-stress you?

It’s true.  You can either give a massage or get a massage to feel less stressed.  Here is how it works: When you give a massage you are transferring your energy with the recipient.

So if you are stressed and scattered, anxious or angry, then the only energy you have got to give is of the same type i.e stressed, scattered anxious or angry.  It is very hard to do that.

In practice what happens is you – when providing the massage – is you take a deep breath, you compose yourself, you focus on something (the person in front of you) – you get into the flow of the task at hand (pardon the pun).  Physically you become relaxed, calm, content and confident as you continue to massage.  Your energy flips and you now have the right sort of energy to give i.e relaxed, calm, content and confident.

Try it and see for yourself.

When you are next to stressed – instead of yelling at the nearest person – offer to give them a relaxing massage.  This will change your mood and that of the person you massage for the better.

And if you want some tips or training check out our Angels Guide 2 Massage