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Massage is healthy, but it’s the ability of a short massage to change your mood for the better that really makes it stand out.

This is why we aren’t telling you about the amazing health benefits of massage and are instead focused on the things that make 3 Minute Angels’ massage special.

Mood Change

In just a few short minutes with a massage, a person has had the opportunity to:

  1. Breathed deeply;
  2. Flood their brain with “feel-good” drugs via the endocrine system;
  3. Have someone listen to them;
  4. Had a stretch;
  5. Been physically and tactually manipulated.

The result in all cases is predictable.  The person getting the massage feels divine.

Get some divine in your office


PS The answer to the original question, ‘how long does it take for your mood to change?’ is: 5 minutes.