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Angels make for a great (on theme) Christmas Gift or Thank You.

You may want to use the Angels to thank your team or a team you do business with. 

As a gift to a lot of people at the same location massages can be very cost effective way to have those you want to thank to feel special, valued and even, Divine (pardon the pun).

How Will You Feel Post-Massage

Where Angels Work Best

Angels can go into an event setting or workplace setting – open plan or in a designated room. 

Angels are a great pair of ears and they can give you ‘a good listening to’. 

The Angels with their hands and great interpersonal skills help make people feel divine. 

But most importantly, when booking the Angels as a gift, the Angels can deliver a customised message.  This message could be as simple as “thanks for doing business with us” or “Happy Holidays from X to Y”.

The associated feel-good of the experience will be associated with your brand. 

Guilt-Free Gifting

Gifting is a modern day challenge:

  • Food is difficult because of food allergies;
  • Alcohol is difficult because of Wellness and non-drinkers;
  • Sweet things are banned, thanks to No-Sugar diets;
  • Gender specific presents can be sexist;
  • Boring presents will be forgotten;
  • Single-use presents are seen as rampant consumerism;
  • Gifts manufactured overseas have labour concerns;
  • Plastic gifts lack environmental credentials;

A Halo Massage by 3 Minute Angels in contrast is allergy free, fat free, alcohol free, gender neutral, memorable, regenerative, ethical and environmentally friendly!

Everyone loves massage.

Don't miss out on Angels for Xmas