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Mobile Massage

3 Minute Angels does massages in your workplace.

We do not ask clients to come to us.

We go to them.

What is mobile massages all about?  Convenience.

Convenience of Mobile Massages

The idea of sending everyone in your team out of the office to get a massage is ridiculous.

It would cost more.

Mobile massages also save time.

The employee getting the massage doesn’t have to spend time getting to and from the massage practice, spa or clinic.

At Your Desk Massage

Our most popular delivery style for mobile massage is “at-desk”.  This means we have Angels go desk-to-desk offering massages in situ to each person in a given work area.

This is a popular way to provide massages because it reduces time away from the desk.

Massages In Private

An alternative to at-desk massage is to utilise a meeting room, lunch room or other private space.  In such circumstances, the person getting the massages has to leave their desk and come to the designated massage place for their massage.  When they are finished, they leave the privacy of the massage room and head back to their desk.

Massages in a private meeting room or separate space slow down the pace of delivery for mobile massages. This is because the Angel cannot start massaging the next person until the first person is gone, or their next person has turned up.

Massages in a private room does allow for ambient music to be played and for a “Zen Zone” atmosphere to be created by the Angel for each person getting the massage.

This method is still way more convenient than leaving the workplace for a massage.

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