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The Accidental Secret To Our Success

3 Minute Angels started back in 2002 by going into pubs and clubs and giving purely mobile massages.  In these environments, lugging a massage chair around is impossible.  So we didn’t.  We would just work with what was there.  It could be a chair, bar stool or ottoman – we don’t care.  We just come to where our customers are, and give a massage.

Following that, we thought well if people love our massages in their social environment, then why not have massages at work.

In the years since pubs and clubs, we have specialised in Corporate Massage and Special Event Massage for both individuals and business. Creating massages that feel great and are convenient, but without specialised massage chairs. We are in essence the mobile massage experts.

No Specialised Massage Chairs

Massage chairs weigh a lot.  They’re big and bulky.  So for pretty much any therapist that comes to a workplace with a massage chair they need a car space.  If you have a lot of therapists turning up you need to organise a lot of cars.  This cost and complexity makes booking mobile massages with 3 Minute Angels so much better than booking with therapists that use specialised massage chairs.

Clients that use specialised chairs either have to pay more for the therapists parking or organise the parking for the therapist in the company car park.  This gets exponentially more difficult the bigger the booking is.

Even if the therapist is able to carry the massage chair on another form of transport this can logistically be a challenge.

Especially for clients located in the city, parking is expensive and limited, we at 3 Minute Angels and our trademark Halo Massage don’t require a specialised massage chair and therefore is the most convenient choice.

For clients with a lot of staff that need massaging, 3 Minute Angels is the convenient, hassle-free and easy solution. Our specially trained mobile massage Angels are the way to go!

Mobile Massages... No Specialised Massage Chairs

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Massage chairs also lack hygiene as you have everyone sitting in the previous persons sweat.


When you stick someone’s head in the cradle of the specialised massage chairs it makes it harder to communicate.