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You do not have to Mobile Massage Is Ultra Convenient

In the past, getting a massage meant having to leave the office.  Not so, with 3 Minute Angels

3 Minute Angels is a mobile massage service that comes to offices, events and promotional activities to provide a little bit of tactile relief and fun.

Mobile massage is a massage that comes to you, hence, it is convenient.

You do not have to lie on a table in a spa or clinic to get a massage.  You do not have to take off your clothes and get greasy after you get a massage.

You can get massage in your office chair, in your workplace, or in your work time.

Corporate Massage

Corporate massage or office massage is considered a ‘workplace incentive’.  These are incentives that are delivered on-site at the workplace.  Fruit boxes and massages are examples of commonly used ‘workplace incentives’.

Workplace incentives like ‘corporate massage’ differ from other incentives that are off-site or delivered as an experience outside of the office.  Pub lunches or incentives like tickets to the movies are examples of off-site incentives. 

The major difference is that a workplace incentive makes the workplace better, whereas the off-site incentive says to employees that ‘reward for good work means you don’t have to be at work’.  The message with off-site incentives to employees is that the workplace is a place to be avoided or tolerated.  

Convenient = Mobile Massage

As a society and as individuals, we love convenience.  This is why Uber and “Uber for X” phenomenons have come to be so popular.  Uber for massage is what 3 Minute Angels provides with a focus on office employees instead of individuals at home.

Booking 3 Minute Angels for mobile massage is extremely easy.  Tell us the logistic requirements, like how many people, when, where and what time you want us to start.  We will then have the Angels arrive there on time and ready to provide great massages to your staff.

Your massages are provided on-site, meaning everyone on-site feels better and the workplace itself is improved by the individual and aggregate improvements.