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What does it really feel like, when people say “Divine”?

Divine is better than “awesome”.  Divine is better than “great”.

Divine is far more wholesome than just “ecstatic” or “excited”.

Divine is the quality you glimpse upon infrequently.  Like, if you see an orator ‘rise above it’ in a heated debate, only to prescribe a solution with such elegance, that all protests dissolve.

The view you saw that made your jaw drop.  That is Divine.

That choir you heard that made your cry, but not sad.  That emotion comes from feeling the Divine.

When you witness any special moment of something going waaay beyond what you thought was possible.  Divine.

“Divine” – it’s almost a shock.

It’s similar to taking a step back.  Or, a “your breath is taken away”.

Divine is not “numb” though it is like someone who is shocked.  You still feel “present”.  You often even have the presence of mind to feel “grateful”.

Divine can be “energising”, “awe-inspiring” and “wonderful”.

Divine is also how you could feel after an Angel gives you a Halo Massage.

“Very Good Massage”

Divine has a sense of “destiny”.  It can feel “acted upon”.  As in “divine intervention”.

At 3 Minute Angels, our Angels are taught to “actively manage the interaction”. We want to create the conditions for a “Divine” interaction.

An interaction between you, the Angel, the messaging on the iPad, the massage and your surroundings. All these elements impact on that potential for you to feel “Divine”. So we do what we can to make that experience happen.

The Divine Elements

Our ‘work’ at 3 Minute Angels is to create the conditions for “Divine” experiences. The Angels are the “front line” of this ‘work’ and generally have the ability more than any other element – because they can alter the other elements – to make the biggest impact.

The Massage: The Halo Massage is designed to work the tension-holding areas. Our Angels tweak the delivery of each massage by increasing or decreasing the vigour and pressure being applied. Generally, vigorous massage is energising and less vigorous massage is relaxing. Firmer pressure goes deeper and lighter pressure can be more subtly directed by the hand.

The iPad Messaging: We need to collect some details of each recipient for insurance purposes. By using the iPads to collect this, we’ve also introduced the ability to play a short movie to the recipient. The movie is of nature, sunsets, puppies and things that elicit oxytocin and other feel-good brain chemicals.

The Surroundings: Angels are taught to help the person enjoy the massage by managing the persons posture, desk environment, and where possible immediate surroundings. Sometimes, this involves telling clients to take the pen or phone out of their hands and place their feet on the ground. Sometimes, this involves playing some “Enya” on the iPad.

The Angel: 3 Minute Angels selects and trains Angels that are people person and then provide them with massage skills. This means, Angels are good when they start. We also instill a philosophy in them that all of our clients are virgins. This reminds them that each massage is the first massage for each recipient. Angels need to avoid becoming complacent when it is their 15th, 50th or 500th interaction and remain first class communicators.

You: Angels know from your self-assessed, pre-massage mood how you are feeling. Angels work out pretty quickly if you want to relax or energise. They work out what massage pressure you want. They work out if you want to talk or just shut your eyes and switch off. They are skilled at engaging or shutting up as appropriate.

It is with this ability to tailor each interaction for each individual that makes 3 Minute Angels able to create so many opportunities for “Divine”.