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3 Minute Angels has done millions of massages and we’ve ended up accumulating tens of thousands of great testimonials, but occasionally you hear about some shockers.  Here are some of the things, we Angels, have seen, heard or had happen when on the job.

“Oh, I know him…”

Sometimes when you’re an Angel giving a massage, people tell you secrets.  Things they wouldn’t normally tell anybody. 

A recipient told an Angel she was having a hard time with her husband.  She went on to explain she was heading home to inform her husband that she wanted a divorce. 

The Angel remained professional and empathetic.

It is not unusual to find people unload their stresses whilst they get their massage.  It is part of the job.

Angels are a “pair of ears” as much as we are a “pair of hands”.  We are listening and de-stressing.

It emerged towards the end of the massage that the Angel knew the husband.  In fact, the husband was the Angel’s real estate agent.

“Does it come with a happy ending?”

This may come as a surprise to you but there are still people that incorrectly associate massage with sexual services.

Legitimate massage is widely used for remedial, sports, wellness and relaxation purposes.  3 Minute Angels of course is focused on the Corporate Massage and Event Massage niche.  In practice, this means we are providing fully clothed, 5-minute massages just meters away from your fellow work colleagues or event attendees.  Not exactly the place for a private encounter…

Anyway, there is still a persistent but small number of people (mostly jerks) that quip: Does it come with a happy ending?

But, this joke only works if the Angel is on it.

We had a lovely Angel, originally from Argentina, who was on one of her first shifts.   English was her second language and she was not familiar with the phrase, let alone the innuendo.  She innocently assumed he was referring to the emotional state he would be in at the end of the massage.

She proceeded to explain that all her massages had a happy ending.

She even explained that “Very Happy” was the most common feedback she received from clients.


As the examples above illustrate, sometimes things can go wrong with massage.

Fortunately – and not by accident – things don’t often go wrong at 3 Minute Angels.

In fact, we are so confident that you can rely on our experience that we offer Guarantees – including the 110% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you’re looking for the right massage business to help your team or event attendees have a Very Happy time, then get in touch! 🙂