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Massage: Legitimate Therapy

When it comes to massage, the spectrum is as diverse as styles of music or flavours of food.  Some places (NOT 3 Minute Angels) can get you a massage (nudge-nudge, wink-wink) that isn’t really massage.

You can get massage for injury-recovery, therapy, pamper, sports, stress-reduction and wellness reasons.

The style of corporate massage provided by 3 Minute Angels that is seated massage, comes on-site (mobile), on the same day (on-demand) or through pre-booked basis, gives each recipient a short and great value-for-money experience.

This short-format style of massage is not designed to fix you – if broken.  Short massage is designed to help you relax and change your mood.

Longer massages can promote deep healing and as a by-product, you find people can get drowsiness or tiredness after a longer massage.

Shorter massages by contrast come with an energising effect.  A short massage can help someone relax and alter their body chemistry from ‘stressed’ to ‘divine’.  Short massages however does not change the body chemistry enough to have someone get tired.

Short Massages In The Industry

Yes.  Massage sells massage.  In fact, nothing sells massage better than massage.

As you know, Massage elicits a response in recipients that chemically releases oxytocin, endorphins, dopamine etc.  This means people actually love the product once they are experiencing it!

short massages

Of course, corporate and event massages like we do at 3 Minute Angels is a great way to encourage longer massages.

Our position in the industry is like an introduction to massage.  The Angels do not have a monopoly on massage or feeling good.

Office Massage

3 Minute Angels are experts at office massage and we are priced and work in a way that addresses the whole of a workforce (not just a singular person getting a massage).  Of course, we can arrange for a full body massage to come to your office.

Most of our customers prefer the value for money that comes from giving every employee a short massage and in the process changing the whole of the energy and department’s mood.

short massages

Event Massage

Event based massage such as the upcoming City2Surf includes massage that makes your audience feel better.

Brands do this because they want people feeling better and to have those people mentally associate feeling better with their brand.  It is very clever marketing.

short massages

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