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Christmas Party Massage

The Christmas Party is often an opportunity to leave the last impression — or a lasting impression on your team.
3 Minute Angels can help you make that lasting impression — be one of wellness, sociability, feel-good and fun.

Massage is what stressed-out people need at the end of a long year.  This may be your best way to get them to relax.

It may also shape the ‘vibe’ of the event.  As people will be more ‘chill’ after a massage.

A good Christmas Party will let people consider their job over the holidays to look back at feeling divine at the Christmas Party and feel happy with their job.

Will your team view the party expenses as prudent or extravagant?  Will the presence of more Angels and less catering go in the right direction?

Will your team remember the good times and revel in their achievements?  Will your team make themselves blotto and engage in dubious behaviour?  Regardless of behaviour at the party, this event will speak volumes to the team members considering their ongoing employment over the upcoming holidays.

Pre-Party Planning

Will your team be given a meaningful opportunity to reflect on 2019 and plan 2020 ahead of the party?

3 Minute Angels can provide Angels for your meeting or your function.