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How Long Does It Take?

You might be thinking meditation is practised by monks in a cave for years at a time.  But, did you know that meditation can be effective within the time of the Halo Massage by 3 Minute Angels?  It’s true.

Meditate Whilst Being Massaged

Meditation – at its most basic – is ‘stilling’ your mind.  By focusing on your breath rather than the thoughts or internal dialogue – you still the mind and enter a meditative state.  There is no rule that says this takes a long time.

Some people are better at quietening the little “chatter-box” in their brain than others are but we all have the ability.

Benefits of Meditation and Massage

There are multiple benefits of meditation and multiple benefits of massage.

Doing massage and meditation together is as simple as asking the Angel (after consent and pressure is established) to not talk.  Then close your eyes and focus on your breath.

A quick suggestion: try to feel your breath on your top lip as it moves past.


Feel The Change

You will feel the change in your body and your mind from the combination of massage and meditation.  You will probably experience the following:

  • Clarity of thought
  • Elevated mood
  • Reduced fatigue and stress

After Massage Mood

If you’re keen to experience a mini meditation with your next massage then Get In Touch (pardon the pun) on 1300 662 022.