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Making the Halo Massage safe

The Halo Massage is the signature massage of 3 Minute Angels.  In our 15+ years of providing this massage we have never had an insurance claim and this is something we are very proud of as it speaks to our competence in delivering a safe massage process.

We are equally proud of how we have created a ‘safe space’ for our clients during the massage experience.  It is in this ‘safe space’ that clients can feel secure and thus able to relax and unwind even if its only for 5-minutes.  This experience doesn’t happen by accident and is something we work on each and every day.

It starts with Attitude, Culture and Ethos

To provide an emotionally ‘safe place’ for our clients we have 3 Golden Rules, a Sales Cake Dance and a Virgin pun.

Our 3 Golden Rules:

  1. Don’t Push, Attract.
  2. Marketing is a numbers game and sales is about communication
  3. Be Genuine

These all go to the importance of creating a great Angel-Recipient interaction and have nothing whatsoever to do with the physical manipulation of soft tissue (massage is defined as this).  These 3 Golden Rules have everything to do with Angel Attitude, Culture and Ethos.


The Sales Cake Dance

Our Angels all have to learn a massage routine and script during a focused training session.  It’s a lot to take in when they are doing initial training and so to make the 5-compulsory parts of the massage script ‘stick’ we invented a silly song and dance.   Each of our trainees (Neephs) learns this 5-step dance routine and looks very silly whilst practising.  This silliness makes trainees laugh with (and at) each other and as a result they remember it.

The 5 Compulsory Elements:

  1. Venue/Sponsor
  2. Pricing
  3. Injuries Check
  4. Pressure Scale
  5. Cross-sale

The consistency and repeatability of our Angel experience is a major factor in why clients know, trust and use us.  We developed this repeatable process by using innovative learning methods like the Sales Cake Dance.  In other companies this sought of thing would probably be addressed very differently.

All Clients Are Virgins

We know you’re not really a virgin.  We know you’ve probably had sex before.  What this saying does is remind our Angels when on shift that even if this is the 20th or 30th Halo Massage they have given today, it is the first time, for each recipient, each time – and thus – All Our Clients Are Virgins.

Keeping you physically safe

As we’ll go into shortly keeping you physically safe is a priority and we utilise selection, training, transparency, policy, procedures, common-sense and technology along with conventional insurance if all else goes wrong to make you safe.

If this stuff really interests you then check out or Statement of Capability.

Selection – Staff selection (as you will know if you read above about our Attitude, Culture and Ethos) plays a massive role in our inherent safety.  When you have the attention of the Angel on the job at hand (pardon the pun) then it is most unlikely in the first place that a massage process could go wrong.

Training – All our Angels are taught the same routine.  The Halo Massage routine is designed to provide maximum relief and reduce variability in the process.  This reduces the risk of Angels being able to cause injury.

Transparency – All our Angels use in-field iPads that among other things record consent and client ratings of each massage.  This measurement of the before and after scores allows us to compare an Angel across a shift an Angel across their previous shifts and compare Angels with each other.  Clearly this sort of information allows us to see who would benefit from training etc

Policy – We use many policies to reduce the risks associated with massage including not massaging anyone that has an untreated ongoing injury or presents with Contraindications.

Procedures – We use many procedures to reduce or eliminate risks.  One example is gathering at the start of the massage what the client pressure preference is and another example is standing on the opposite side to where you are massaging the recipient.  In practice that means if an Angel is massaging the left side of a client, they are on the right hand side and applying pressure away from the spine.

Common Sense – We encourage this.  We encourage the Angel to let the client watch a video if they want to watch the video provided on the iPad.  We encourage the Angel to chat with the client if they are chatty and we encourage them to shut up if the client wants to shut their eyes and ‘escape’

Technology – We make the iPad that each Angel has do a lot of the heavy lifting in terms of gathering consent, injury details, before and after assessment of the massage by each recipient, recipient receipts and key contact reports to hirers.  The technology also provides to clients a level of comfort that the Angel knows what they are doing and this is extra important when wanting to create an emotional ‘safe space’ for the client.

Conventional Insurances – We invite you to check these out in detail but we are covered by $20m Product Liability and Public Liability policy.  We do not treat people during the Halo Massage and cannot massage injured people and so eliminate risks associated with longer treatments or treating people with a current or ongoing injury.

Safety First and Last


Making sure our clients cannot be physically injured and are safe is purely about risk management and prudence as a business.  Whereas what we do to make sure that we create an emotionally and socially safe place for our clients is what we care about.  It goes into our individual and collective Attitude, into the Angel Culture and you can experience it by Getting In Touch