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“Thank you” is an expression of gratitude that we are all familiar with, but “Thankyou” is one of the best companies that we at 3 Minute Angels have come across!

Bear in mind that 3 Minute Angels have seen inside literally thousands of offices and count 6 of the top 10 Best Places To Work as our clients.  In our vast experience Thankyou stands out.


1. Thankyou was started as a social enterprise.  It wants to do good by doing good.  Check out their efforts.

2. Thankyou has amazing branding and design ethic.  Its beautiful, simple and memorable.

3. Thankyou has great products.  Last week we worked with them (see video below) and at the end they kindly gave us some of their branded hand sanitiser.  It’s great – and will be hard to go back to liquid detol.

4.  Thankyou has a great company culture.  As we have seen so many types of workplaces, we know cultures almost at a glance.  It’s something that comes naturally doing the type of massage work that we do.  This gut feel is reinforced by how their staff reported their pre-massage mood.  Usually we expect to see people reporting being ‘Very Stressed’ or ‘Stressed’ pre-massage and with Thankyou they were all ‘Ok’ or ‘Happy’.  Click here to learn more about our in-field mood measurements.

5. They care.  You can see it in their products, in their mission as a social enterprise, in their staff culture.  It’s more evident in this inner city office than it is in our health care industry.

6. They back themselves.  Just like how 3 Minute Angels pioneered massage on a ‘Pay What You Think Its Worth’ basis, Thankyou has a book called ‘Chapter 1’ which you can buy on the ‘Pay What You Think Its Worth’ basis.  These pricing policies come from being self-assured of your value and not fearing your clients.  In this day an age when most businesses would go broke if paid on customer satisfaction – backing themselves like this is rare.

If you would like to join Thankyou as a 3 Minute Angels client or would like to send 3 Minute Angels as a Thank you then just Get In Touch (pardon the pun)