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Keeping Good Company

The Top 10 Great Places To Work in 2015 included 5 clients of 3 Minute Angels.

5 of 10

You can see which 5 are our clients designated by the green ticks.

Top 10 Employers who are also clients

Here are photos of The #1 Best Place To Work, Atlassian.  You can see this employee filling out her consent on our digital worksheet.

Atlassian Gettinga massage

The fact we are present in Australia’s best workplaces isn’t necessarily a “causal relationship”.  We are not saying to be a great place to work you have to get massages, but we are saying that great places to work tend to also be places that value – and therefor get – massage.

If we had to guess it is because massage makes “feel-good” cultures tangible.  We make the staff feel good at work and these companies want that physical and mental feeling for their employees.

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PS: Earlier this week we were struggling with how to deliver this information.  We appealed to you for suggestions and had many good ones.  In the end we decided it was too hard to caption our initial chart and so we have decided to not go with any specific winner.  There were however several good entries and we will provide 4 of these with 4 hours instead on a single winner with 16 hours.