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Halo Massage Gets You In The Groove

Some people need a certain song to get them into the groove, but massage works too.

Short massages provide the body with a physical and chemical release that makes you feel divine. 

After a 5-minute massage, you have a period of focus and concentration. You get to be more effective and get more work done.

3 Minute Angels is such a popular workplace incentive because we help you get your workplace groove on.

Which version of massage is most Groovy?

You might be into the original Halo Massage – the 5-minute, seated massage – that made 3 Minute Angels popular with events.

Or you might be into the Double Halo Massage – the 10-minute massage – that’s our most popular today.

Either way, Groovy.

Speaking of Groovy, which version of ‘Yes Sir, I Like To Boogie” do you prefer?


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Massage Your Team Into The Groove

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