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Why you need Workplace Incentives

Do you need to get your team back into the workplace?

Have you considered offering massages at work – something most people can’t get at home – as an incentive to get people back to the office?

The cost of a massage is small, but the benefits of having your team in the same place at the same time can be much more. After a massage, you will find every person that gets a massage, is a better team mate and glad to be at work.  

Feels like Team Work

There are some things that can’t be done as well over Zoom. These include building trust, using non verbal cues to communicate and confidence in one another. The time and money spent on this part of teamwork can pay off in spades when everyone needs to rely on each other. It isn’t necessarily at the time. It’s an investment over time.

You’ll know when your team is working well because you’ll all share a lingo, a short hand, a way of communicating that is unique to the team. To the outside world this may seem like a bunch of colleagues using jargon, but on the inside of this tribal communication, a few knowing references can encapsulate years of experience. As a business manager you aspire to this sort of cross workforce collaboration. You mostly get this sort of advanced team work with trust, non verbal cues and confidence in each other.

In short, a team that works well, feels trust and confidence internally, in their workplace and in one another. 3 Minute Angels can help build the conditions for this to grow in your office. When you give your team massages,  you are saying “we support and encourage each other” in a non-verbal way. You are saying through action that you want each person to feel good. To feel part of the team.

Workplace Massages

Workplace massages are a great reason to come into work. You don’t usually find your partner, children or flat mate ready and willing to massage you whilst you work. Whereas, coming into the office to get a massage whilst you work can feel really good. It makes you feel appreciated, it makes you physically feel less stressed. In fact, the chemicals released in a massage can make you feel divine. You’ll feel energised and be more open to quality communication. In this state, everyone is ready to be a better team mate and glad to be at work.