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Are you in a job that feels good?

3 Minute Angels is in the good feeling business.

Our job is to touch you and make you feel good. It’s a great job.

We get to see how people change from stressed to divine in just minutes. It’s very satisfying work.

It’s good to be in a feel-good industry. Unlike other industries we don’t pollute, we don’t harm, we just make people feel divine.

Our divine work, is the sort of work, that is worthy of the name: Angels.

Angels love their work because it makes them feel good to make others feel good.

Do you want to be an Angel?

3 Minute Angels may be the type of work that suits you.

Do you want to do a hands-on job where people say “thank you” and mean it?

Where clients say “that was the best thing that’s happened to me all week”.

Where you have conversations with real people in the real world.

Where you get to experience a physical changes in yourself that come from making others feel good? It’s an incredible feeling.

Oh and you get paid well, get training, get to go to great events and offices and hang out with other Angels whose job it is to also make people feel good.

To find out if being an Angel is for you, get in touch. That’s a pun.

Making Others Feel Divine