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Why is Being Dormant Similar to Massage?

With the change of seasons we’re starting to see nature become dormant. Being dormant is an important part of the process that allows spring to bring forward a new rush of growth. As with nature – so with us.

As a human being, you need some times of inward reflection of personal rest in order to expand and perform. This is how being dormant and a massage are similar. Massage – in a similar way to dormancy – allows you to take a deep breath in, allows you to relax and feel good again before bursting forth again – like Spring.

When a massage is finished you will have more energy, focus and productivity.

In fact, massage may be better than being dormant as the whole process for massage only takes 5-minutes and the season lasts for months.

Give your Team 5-minutes of being Dormant

This Autumn, book in some 5-minute massages and you’ll be booking in some 5-minutes for each person being dormant. At the end of their massage experience, each person will feel Divine and be more productive.

Enjoy the benefits of staff with a spring in their step this Autumn.

Do you Want to Feel Spring in Autumn?