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Hectic or Festive

This time of year is hectic.

The last-minute projects, the school holidays, the relo’s, the presents and parties… it can become a lot. That is why so many people find this time hectic instead of festive.

However, after the year we’ve all had with lockdowns, home-schooling, separation and political silliness at every level, it feels like we should all be ready to enjoy this time of year. We should have joy and lightness. We can enjoy the festivities associated with longer evenings, more family, more time with the kids and opportunities to give to your loved ones.

What are you choosing?


There is much to celebrate and if you want to enjoy this time of the year. Good for you. Good for your loved ones and good for society. Go ahead and be merry.


Do you wish things could slow down. Are you “over it”? You’re over; the year, COVID, work, almost everyone you meet… It’s ok to feel hectic, you’re not alone

Festive and Hectic

If you are feeling both hectic and festive that is ok. We get you.

If we can help you de-stress by providing massages at your work (party/event etc.) or for when you return-to-work, just let us know.

If we can Help

3 Minute Angels could be the gift that you need that is easily distributed, wont go off, is easy to redeem and makes everyone feel great. Perhaps we can help you feel festive and less hectic in your giving.

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