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Often, we focus on “Return to Work”, but this week we are discussing “Return to Play”. Whilst a good workplace can make work feel like play, what we are discussing is the return to hospitality, events, sport, music, art, travel, entertainment and of course; massage.

These are the ‘play’ things that Australians have been hanging for and they are just around the corner.

Frankly, we are pretty excited it feels like a spring ready to spring in Spring.

If you are planning to “play” (have an event, party or celebration), it is worth remembering that people will have missed human connection. We all love massages and for the last few months they’ve not been available.

If you offer massages to your audience, guests and participants; it will be extra fun and enjoyable, maybe “Divine” (pardon the pun). They will associate the good feeling of the massage with the great feeling of play. You will be creating memories.

So if you want to make your play heavenly (another pun) then get in touch (oh another) with 3 Minute Angels.

Want to Play?