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Massage comes Naturally

When we bump ourselves, or hurt, we immediately and ‘naturally’ rub the area to make it feel better.  This instinct is natural. You are biologically hard-wired to use massage for pain relief, stress relief and enjoyment.

You certainly can massage your arm if you hurt it.

You can certainly massage the back of your neck to relieve pressure headaches.

You can give yourself a rub, just for just the pleasure of it.

However, we are naturally inclined to enjoy giving and receiving massage. When you give a massage, there’s plenty to gain (see blog) and when you receive a massage – you can feel divine.

learn massage
learn massage

What you’ll Need:

  • 2 people in the same space;
  • 2 x comfy chairs for you to sit on when doing the theory parts;
  • 1 low-back chair or stool to use when doing the practical bit;
  • Reliable internet;
  • Zoom Software;
  • No injuries. It should go without saying but if you have a medical condition, this massage training isn’t about fixing it.


  • 1 Angel trainer per couple via Zoom at $250 +GST per 3-hr session.

Fine Print

  • Payment is required 24-hours before the preferred session date.
  • 110% Satisfaction Guarantee (if you are unhappy for any reason, get in touch for a refund).
  • See Full Terms and Conditions.

Download PDF Angels Guide 2 Massage Couples Brochure

Massage as a Couple