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Do you Worry?

One of the reasons why 3 Minute Angels is so popular is because people get to unload their worries.

More than just a pair of hands and a nice smile, our Angels are also a great pair of ears.  When you get a massage, you’re also getting a little therapy.  There you are with someone you don’t know, who won’t judge you and who has your best interests at heart.

Maybe that is why people tell Angels their worries.

Worrying is Natural

Worrying has a justifiable biological basis.  We are natural born worriers.

Humans became pattern recognition primates to avoid being eaten. If something didn’t seem quite right, it probably wasn’t.  So, the paranoid survived.

Fast forward to modern times and the risk of being eaten is gone but our natural tendency remains.

The Worrying Trend

The biological instinct of being a natural-born worrier in today’s comparatively safe world mostly has negative consequences.

  • Productivity: If you are in “fight or flight” or “survival mode” it is all but impossible to be creative, patient, thoughtful or use higher order thinking processes.
  • Health:  Prolonged stress causes your body to chemically be on high alert all the time.  This runs down your adrenal system, causes stress, makes your sleep worse and encourages us to partake in unhealthy solutions to stress management.
  • Self-Reinforcing: Worry done for long enough becomes Anxiety.  Anxiety leads then to negative social support.  This in turn may lead to depression.  Depression sucks. In short, worries and the act of worrying builds upon itself.

Take Comfort with an Angel

3 Minute Angels simply provides you with an opportunity to stop worrying.

The services of 3 Minute Angels allow your employees to stop worrying – at least for a bit.

Don't worry

Pardon the Pun