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It is just a conversation

The phrase “It is just a conversation” can be used in many ways.

Asking someone to marry you, is just a conversation.

Firing someone is just a conversation.

Finding common ground between enemies – is just a conversation.

That career-building connection is “just a conversation”.

The last words of a loved one…just a conversation.

Getting that sale… you guessed it—Just a conversation.

Saving someone’s life can even be as simple as a conversation.

When you think about it, a conversation is an incredibly powerful tool.

At 3 Minute Angels, we’ve always understood that the conversation between the Angel and the recipient matters as much as the actual massage process.

The quality of the conversation makes an ok massage great and a great massage divine.

3 Minute Angels place as much emphasis during selection and training on communication skills (verbal and non-verbal) as we do massage.

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