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It Feels Like Things Are Getting Better

It’s spring, footy finals time and that big horse race are coming up.  Under normal circumstances, this alone would be reason enough to see events, corporate hospitality and promotions kicking off.

This year, with restrictions gratefully being eased in Melbourne, it feels especially true.  It feels like things are getting better.  That “normal” things are starting to open up.

If we can keep relatively low and stable numbers across Australia  it feels like normal could be just around the corner.

Halloween Is Now A Thing

Australia seems to have embraced Halloween.

If you have been looking for an excuse to relax, unwind and take the stress out of your system, then perhaps Halloween is the time for you and your team to book Angels.

Melbourne Cup Is Always a Thing

If pumpkins, chocolates and scaring kids isn’t your thing, then perhaps the “race that stops a nation”, is the opportunity for you to relax unwind and release your stress.

You’ll be backing a winner with our short and effective massages.

Feel Better

(Pardon the Pun)