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An increase in work-from-home has seen a parallel rise in the use of web meeting software like Zoom.

Strangely, being sat in your seat in front of a screen whilst in an online meeting can be exhausting.

Perhaps it’s always being on camera or perhaps it’s tedium or perhaps it’s the sedentary pre-requisite.  Whatever the reason, it can turn you in to a Zombie.  Or as some call it: Zoombie.

Overcoming The Zoombie Apocalypse

Depending on your location (Victorians) or vocation, you may not have any choice around the near-constant stream of online meetings.

The things you can do reside mostly in your response – you probably still need to do those meetings.  Unless of course they’re a waste of time, in which case “Why do them?”

  1. Enable down-time to “sharpen the saw”.  We’re not talking about slacking off (there’s probably a Slack software pun in there too).  We’re talking about taking 5-minutes so your next 2-hours are more productive or 10-minutes so your whole mood improves.
  2. Provide a pattern interruption.  Even if it’s silly.  Get up in the interchange between meetings.  Literally stand up.  Do some stretches.  Have a dance.  Jog on the spot.  You, me, everyone we’re wired to move – not sit for 8, 10 or 12 hours.
  3. Catch someone doing something good.  If you’re in an online meeting notice what people are doing right.  Say “I appreciate how hard you’re working” if someone is working hard.  If you notice someone is always taking the notes say “Thank you for taking the notes”.  If you notice someone is moderating the meeting well, then, say so.  They’ve done something good.  Let it be known.  Do this instead of getting frustrated.

Pro Tip:  You can often write this in a private message to the individual if it’s not appropriate to say or interfere with the flow of things.  If you’re worried about a transcript of the private messages getting into your bosses hands, don’t worry they’ll catch you doing something good i.e catching other people doing something good.

Virtual Halo

The Virtual Halo is like our Halo Massage makes you feel “Divine” really quickly but it’s a hands-free and work-from-home-friendly version.

In just a few minutes, we can make each person feel better.  Provide that “sharpen the saw” moment that we all need.

The Virtual Halo uses Zoom in ways you’ve probably never used Zoom before. It is suitable for distributed teams in the same way that the Halo Massage is suitable for teams that are gathering in-person.

3 Minute Angels can deliver that significant mood-shift in a time efficient way. We still guarantee our results with the Virtual Halo and provide a Key Contact Report to help you assess the impact we’ve made for your team..