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Teachers Deserve Massage

Teachers have had to work through some pretty extreme conditions in 2020.  In many cases, they have had essential workers’ kids to work with face-to-face whilst also running online schooling for those at home. Teachers have had the added pressure of teaching parents to be teachers.

There’s little doubt the stresses have been real for educators and so it’s no wonder that many schools have been getting 3 Minute Angels in for their staff.

Massages are a practical de-stressing method.

That is why we teach this to kids.

Schools Ahead Of Corporate and Events

It has been interesting to observe that schools have been on the front foot when compared with workplaces in addressing the stress levels of their staff.

This is a surprise given that workers in other industries are often paid more and so having these workers suffering from stress has a bigger economic impact on their employer.

It is worth reminding Corporates that the staff who are returning to the office are anxious, have background levels of stress and have had to juggle workloads plus teaching their kids.

If you’re curious about how 3 Minute Angels can assist your school (teachers and even kids), workplaces (in-office or work-from-home) or upcoming event, then please get in touch.