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Massage Training For Couples

There are many reasons for couples to learn massage – de-stress, connection and wanting your partner to upskill – are just a few.

But what is the best way to learn?

At Angels Guide 2 Massage – our course that teaches you how to touch like an Angel.  We take the view that pre-recorded training – whilst cheaper – ultimately isn’t value for money.  You’ll see why as you read below.

Learn By Doing.  Improve With Tailoring.

Massage is a tactile skill.  It’s a verb.  It’s a doing thing.  You don’t learn how to drive by watching a video.  You don’t learn how to massage by watching a video.

The idea that you will sit in front of an impersonal video, pressing pause as required, doing the process correctly, safely and enjoyably is far-fetched.

If you want to learn you have to do.  If you want to improve, then you need feedback on how you are doing.

That is why our trainers work with you (and your partner) over 3-hours to teach you a safe and enjoyable process.  We recognise that this provides 3-hours of reconnection and a lifetime of good massages.

The Angel is observing your posture, technique, pressure and form.  They are right there to guide you with positive feedback and helpful hints.

You just don’t get this with a pre-recorded video. You don’t get this with self-guided tutorials and Udemy courses.

Learn With Feedback