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What is Angels Guide 2 Massage Like?

Bianca and Gary completed the Angels Guide 2 Massage course for couples.

This is what Bianca said after completing the course:

“3-hours of re-connection and a life-time of good massages!”

Good Massages

Great Fun

The Best Value: Massage Is The One You Give Each Other

Do you know that some people are afraid to massage their partner?

They worry that they’re not very good with the touchy-feely stuff.  They’re not confident with their techniques.  Maybe they had complaints or feedback in the past and this has made them ‘shy’?  Whatever the reason is, it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can learn safe, easy and relaxing techniques from the Angels.

What To Expect

3-hours of re-connecting with your partner AND a lifetime of great massages.

Instructions on:

  • Techniques and postures.
  • Muscles to target with those techniques.
  • Process for targeting the major tension holding areas.
  • Immediate feedback and coaching to advance your skills quickly.
  • Reciprocal massage – giving and receiving.
  • Handy booklet (“The Little Black Book Of Massage”) for reference.
  • Testing and post-course check-in / fine-tuning.