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How many days have you been in isolation?

You’re lucky if you’re with your family and especially with your partner or spouse during this period. You get a lot of ‘quality time’ to spend with them after missing a handful of game nights and special milestones due to work schedule conflicts in the past. And you have to admit, common for the entire duration of your work-family life.

But it has been weeks since the lockdown has started, and you might have used up all your ‘quality time’ with your kids and spouse. You might have done all of the things you thought of doing like cooking meals or baking together, movie marathon or finally finding time to paint that fence or fix the leaky tap (hey, that was due last summer!)

Spending a lot of time together has its downside, of course. It might remind you of how annoying your family can be. It’s not all roses and sweetness. We know you love them to bits, but there are moments when they champion in testing your patience. Let’s not list the annoying moments anymore, we’re sure you have a list of your own.

So before things get sour in this iso period, try to reconnect with your love ones.

We may not be relationship experts, but here are our tried and tested low-cost, easy-to-set-up, readily-available (family or one-to-one) date night ideas that you can try at home:

1. Put a Puzzle Together

If you’re not a pro at this yet, try and get a 300 – 500 piece beginners puzzle ordered online. You can either chat or work in silence while completing your puzzle together. Have your finished product framed. It could serve as a good Covid lockdown memorabilia.

2. Paint and Sip

Unleash your hidden Picasso and start on your artistic strokes. Buy a couple of canvases and some paint, and then pop open your favourite bottle.
You can order your art materials at Richmond Art Supplies if you are near the area. They are open and can give fun recommendations, too!

3. Spa Night

When your go-to spa is closed, the kitchen is where you can find your spa essentials. Spend time with your spouse and give each other oh-so luxurious spa treatments. Slice some cold cucumber and leave it on your face while relaxing in the couch. Check out this article from Jillie for some DIY spa hacks: How to Have a Spa Day at Home

4. Have a Video Game Night

Turn on your competitive side with a video game night tournament. It’s always a great idea to pick a classic game that everybody enjoys. Remember Mario and Tekken? You can download them online! Reminiscing your game moves and cheats are sure ways to get the fun and excitement going. You could even join other couples on zoom for a group game night!

5. Give Each Other Massages

You may be doing this with your partner every now and then to ease sore shoulders after work. So why not learn how to do it properly? Book yourself an online massage tutorial, Angels Guide 2 Massage with our Guardian Angels, so when things return to normal, and the work stress starts to build up again, you know how to knead your partner’s back like a pro.

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